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Shimano Calcutta B Baitcasting Reel

The Shimano B baitcasting Reel is a peerless surrogate for folks wanting for a simple, yet effective reel, it's straightforward to operate and renders a simple design, making it great for all fishing applications. This Reel is conjointly compatible with the Shimano B line of reels, giving you years of use out of this reel.

Smooth Drag #35 SHIMANO Conquest 50, Calcutta 50 & CT200B SS Ball Bearings
BNT3369 Bin C89 - Shimano Power Handle Calcutta 400B 400BSV 400S CU300DSV

BNT3369 Bin C89 - Shimano

By Shimano


NEW SHIMANO REEL PART - BNT1201 Calcutta 100B Corsair - Retractor Spring Collar


By Shimano


Shimano Calcutta Baitcasting Reel

This Shimano Reel is the c61 a Reel that is m the Shimano 400 B is a sterling Reel for people wanting for a simple and facile to operate reel, it is a medium spooled Reel with a standard wyvern cast bearings. The 400 B is furthermore a good Reel for individuals searching for a simple and basic to adopt reel, the Shimano round baitcasting Reel is an exceptional way for enthusiasts scouring for a replacement handle. This Reel is in like manner compatible with the 700 B fishing reels, the Shimano round baitcasting Reel offers a new design that makes it easier to adopt the Reel and keep track of where your fish is located. The Shimano round baitcasting Reel is an exceptional way for individuals wanting for a versatile and reliable reel, it features a handle assembly from reels part that makes it straightforward to find the right Reel for your needs. The Shimano reels are also built using the latest technology, so you can be sure your Reel will handle high school fish and more.