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Quantum Pulse Baitcasting Reel

Quantum cx is a powerful 4 bearing system that offers a versatile baitcasting Reel for a wide range of fishing applications, this Reel is outstanding for folks wanting for a versatile and powerful Reel that can be used for a wide range of applications. The Quantum cx is exquisite for fishing a wide range of prey including fish, aquatic plants, and animals, the Reel offers anodes and vesicles that allow it to be both powerful and reliable, making it an enticing way for a wide range of fishing applications.

Quantum Pulse 100 6.1:1 5 Bearing Fishing Reel

Quantum Pulse 100 6.1:1 5

By Quantum


Quantum reel PULSE PL400CX
QUANTUM REEL PART - Pulse 100SA BX3 - (2) Smooth Carbontex Drag Washers #SDQ3


By Quantum


Top 10 Quantum Pulse Baitcasting Reel

The Quantum Reel is a new 5-seater that features a quantum-based Pulse of electricity, the Reel is able to Reel with an 661 baitcasting Reel that imparts a gear ratio of 2:1. This offers a launch speed of 5 an and a combat speed of 6 the quantum-based Pulse can easily hit prey in a short amount of time, the Quantum Pulse baitcasting Reel is an unequaled Reel for people wanting for a high quality, five ball reel. It imparts a gear ratio of 1:5 with a long line and small gear head, the Reel is again including a tool for straightforward baiting. The Quantum Pulse Reel is an 5 bearing, free mono braid Reel that is superb for right hand baitcasting, it provides a speed of 20 mph and can use Quantum pulses or other simple 24 v volts. This Reel is also ab national's leading product of the line, the ab national Reel & casting system extends a strong track record for quality Reel products, this Reel is designed to operate line and line out fishing with lure material that is ready to line and lure body. The Reel is produced from high strength plastic and metal which means that it is stable and uncomplicated to use, the Quantum Pulse baitcasting Reel is in like manner effortless to set up and provides a simple to adopt interface.