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Quantum Escalade Hd Baitcast Reel

Quantum Escalade is a fantastic Reel for people who crave to get the most out of their fishing, with an innovative, cutting-edge design, Quantum Escalade offers a wealth of features and options to help you get the most out of your fishing. Included is a Hd baitcasting reel, with an elastic feel for and stability, as well as a durable rubber sealed bearing kit that provides years of use, make sure your fishing is complete with the Quantum Escalade Hd baitcasting reel.

Quantum Escalade Hd Baitcast Reel Ebay

The Quantum Escalade Hd baitcaster is a new and revolutionary fishing Reel that gives giving him the power to fish wide mouth with very little drag, the Reel is built around a rubber seamed bearing that is built to last and features a fast speed range from small m-class to large this kit includes the reel, backplate, and all the hardware to get you fishin' with Quantum Escalade Hd baitcasting. The Quantum Escalade Hd is a baitcasting Reel that gives all the features of the regular model but with a difference of a rubber sewn bearing kit, this kit is essential for use the Reel in water with any type of fish as it provides better power and stability. The Quantum Escalade Hd baitcaster fishing Reel is a high-quality Reel that is top-of-the-heap for shoppers who yearn to get into fishing for seafood, this Reel imparts a rubber-sealed bearing that allows you to have confidence in your catches, and the borough's baitcasting event knows how to produce a quality reel. Feel, and performance, this baitcaster comes with a new rubber sealed bearing kit that makes it easier and faster to cast. The kit also includes a Quantum Escalade Hd baitcast reel, the Quantum Escalade Hd baitcast Reel is a best-in-class Reel for folks searching to start fishing with Quantum escalade.