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Pflueger Templar Baitcasting Reel

Looking for a new Pflueger Templar baitcasting reel? Look no further! This Reel is low profile and sterling for casting in low tide or during a rapid.

Pflueger Templar Baitcast Reel

The top right hand baitcasting Reel for individuals searching for a high quality reel, this Reel is fabricated with a low profile baitcasting arm and a strong post-amplification technology that makes it valuable for right hand baitcasting. The Pflueger Templar baitcasting Reel is a low profile Reel designed for casting with best-in-class power, it extends an anodized aluminum cast Reel and a Templar deck. The Reel is capable of casts up to 2, 5 fathom long. The Reel is moreover compatible with the Pflueger Templar video casting system, yet effective baitcasting reel. It provides a low profile which makes it top-rated for baiting smallmouth and the Reel also offers a biz shibboleth stapler which makes it first-class for kings and other large presentations, the Pflueger Templar bait cast Reel is a ratio-based system that uses low-profile bearings to create a targeted, hard-core bait. The Reel is angle-based and grants six bearings, making it a powerful tool for baitcasting, the ratios are 1:8, 1:10, 1:12, 1:14, 1:16, 1:18, and 1:20.