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Pflueger Supreme Baitcasting Reel

Looking for a vintage baitcasting reel? Look no more than the Pflueger Supreme reel! This Reel is overestimate of the original and is evidence of how a few simple steps result in a cast that is from very low water, the reels are also plastic and facile to inseam, making them sterling for all types of.

Vintage Pflueger Supreme Baitcasting Reel

The vintage Pflueger baitcasting Reel is a high-quality, high-quality reel, it is valuable for an individual who wants to enjoy baitcasting. With its razor-sharp, stainless-steel blade, this Reel is hard at work taking home that first fish, the high-quality, high-quality construction of the Reel makes it first-rate for someone who wants to enjoy baitcasting with lures. The high-quality, high-quality Reel is a splendid surrogate for a shopper who wants to experience the excitement and excitement of the lures, this Reel is in excellent condition with no failures so far. It is used but never used and presents a natural hunting brown color, it is manufactured of brass with a brass manometer and it is tested. The Reel is tensioned at 4 change and presents a black Reel limiter, the Reel is full size and extends a gear chute. The Reel is movement free and offers a traditional Pflueger tuning key, this is a very good condition Pflueger Supreme baitcasting reel. It is about 6 inches long and 2 inches wide, it grants a light brown color and there is some wear but it is still in top condition. This Reel is excellent for use with doubles or more the Pflueger Supreme bass baitcasting weighs in at only 2, 75 lbs and gives an 16 ft reach. This baitcasting Reel is produced with a strong and durable material that will handle any braid or line you put on it, with a shimano 7-speed drive, this Reel offers excellent power and speed. The Supreme bass baitcasting weighs in at only 2, the Pflueger Supreme bass baitcasting weighs in is excellent for bass up to 20 lbs.