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Pflueger Purist Baitcast Reel

The Pflueger Purist baitcast Reel is an enticing right hand high speed low profile baitcast fishing reel, it is produced with an 7. 11 right hand fishing gear and imparts a high speed of just over 50 hz, this Reel is designed to handle any fishing style with ease.

Best Pflueger Purist Baitcast Reel

The new Pflueger Purist baitcaster fishing Reel is a sterling addition to your fishing setup, it is Purist baitcasting's third reel, and is designed for use with braid systems. The Reel offers a new warranty and comes with a brand new 5 footer brush, this Reel is needed to enjoy in its best way. The Pflueger Purist baitcast is an excellent Reel for suitors wanting for an innovative and unique baitcast, the baitcast uses only natural ingredients which makes it more environmentally friendly, while the Purist logo which is seen on most the Pflueger ceramic 7 spool bearings echelon 5 lp are unequaled value and a Purist baitcast reel. With these bearings, you can have a purer, more balanced power up your stream, performance-driven reel. These 7 spool bearings are designed to power, while preserving the classic style of the Pflueger reels, they are made of ceramic and are hand-sewn, so you can trust that they will last.